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Lesson 1 I .Rearrange the words in these sentences in the correct order. 1. games/played/yesterday/in their room/the children/quietly _________________________________________________________ 2. a new school/built/they/in our village/last year _________________________________________________________ 3. before lunch/the letter/in his office/quickly/he/read __________________________________________________________II . 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Fill in the blanks. This is p______ land; you can‟t walk across it. We had a long telephone c_______ yesterday. Tom pays no a_______ to the teacher in class. We can‟t b______ so much homework. Don‟t speak to your classmates r______ III. Translation. 1. 这不关你的事。

__________________________________________________________2. 最后,我和爸爸一起欣赏了一场激动人心的车赛。

___________________________________________________________ 3. 因为汤姆无法忍受他的老板了,所以他刚才很生气地与他的老板谈话。

_____________________________________________________________ IV. Reading. Last Saturday evening I went to the cinema with a friend. We had very good seats. The film was very good , we think, but we did not enjoy it. Two tall people were sitting in front of us and they were talking loudly. They were spoiling the film for us. We couldn‟t see it very well and we couldn‟t hear it very well. I got angry and decided to say something. „Could you perhaps sit lower in your seats?‟ I asked politely. The woman turned round immediately. „Please be quiet, „she said.‟We can‟t hear the film.‟ 1. Where did the writer go with a friend? _____________________________________________________ 2. How were they talking? _____________________________________________________ 3. How did the writer ask them to sit lower? _____________________________________________________ 4. How did the woman turn round? ______________________________________________________ Business is business.公事公办 Mind your business 少管闲事 When angry, count a hundred.每当动怒时,先要冷静一下。

Lesson 2 I .Write these sentences again. Each sentence must begin with What. Example : She is a clever girl. What a clever girl! 1.He is a rude person. _________________________________________________________ 2. The weather is terrible. _________________________________________________________ 3.They are beautiful pictures. __________________________________________________________ 4.It‟s expensive furniture. _________________________________________________________ 5.Those apples are lovely and red. __________________________________________________________II . Translation. 1. 直到今天早上雨才停了。

_________________________________________________ 2. 海伦从不给她的兄弟托尼写信,她有时给他打电话。

_________________________________________________ 3. 多可怕的消息啊! _________________________________________________ 4. 她喜欢弹钢琴。

(enjoy) __________________________________________________ III. Fill in the correct form of the verbs in brackets.(一般现在时或现在进行时) “What are you looking at ?” I asked my mother. She was looking out of the window. “ A car has just stopped outside our house,” mother answered. “Someone________(get) out of the car. It‟s your Aunt Lucy. She always ______(visit) us at the wrong moment. She never ______(phone) us in advance(事先). Now she __________(walk) towards our front door. “And now she _________(ring) the bell! I said as the front doorbell rang loudly. My mother and I opened the front door and greeted Aunt Lucy warmly.____________________(you leave)?” “Where ______________(you go)?” “We_________(go) to visit you!” my mother said. “You never _______(phone) me in advance!” said Aunt Lucy. Never too old to learn.活到老学到老 Never offer to teach fish to swim.不要班门弄斧

Lesson 3 I .Multiple choice. ( )1.My teacher always talks to me_____________. A.on the way B.in a friendily way C.in a friendly way D.by the way ( )2.Emma______ to travel around her town on the last day of her last summer vocation. A.makes a decision B.makes her decision C.made a decision D.make a decision ( )3.Helen______her weekend_______frequently. A.spent, to draw B.spent, drawing C.spends, to draw D.spends, drawing ( )4.My mother is kind ,she never ______ my holiday. A.spoiled B.spoils C.has spoiled D.have spoilt II . Fill in the blanks with the suitable form of the given words 1.I have stayed in the Palace Museum for three hours.(划线提问) _______________________________________________________ 2.我昨天在家花了一整天发邮件。

I_____ _______ _______ ________in ______E-mails______ ______yesterday. 3.那个友好的侍者常教我一些意大利语。

The ________waiter often ________me a few ______of _________ 5. John 上周下了很大的决心出国工作。

John ______ ______ ______ _______ to work _______ last week. III. True or false Hong Kong has about forty public beaches. Some of the beaches are among the best in the world. People can go there for a swim. You can go to most of them by bus. To go to some beaches. You must take a boat. There are toilets, changing rooms and places to buy food and drink on most of the beaches. You will swim there without danger if you remember these notes: Never swim alone. Never swim after meal or when you feel hungry or tired. Do not stay in the water too long. Never go out in a boat if you can not swim. Remember :A red flag means that it is dangerous for anybody to go into the water. A blue one means that it is dangerous for children. 1. All of the beaches in Hong Kong are the best in the world. 2. You can go to the beaches by bus or by boat. 3. You can chang your clothes on the beaches. 4. If you swim alone , you may be dangerous. 5. A red flag means it is dangerous for the children. She is a real find!(我们)可找到她这么一个能干的人!这个句子中,find 作为名词,意思 是“被发现有惊人能力的人” 例句:She is a real in the theatre. 她是戏剧界的一位新秀。

Lesson 4 Present perfect tense: 公式:主+have/has done 时间词:already, just, yet, never, ever, since, for, lately, up to now, so far I .Fill in the blanks with the suitable form of the given words. 1.I ____already______(see) the film. I ____(see) it last week. 2. ---_____he _____(read) novels(小说) lately?----No, never. 3.--______you_____(be) to Hong Kong?-----Yes, I _____(be) there twice so far.pictures. 4.----______you ever______(eat) chocolate sundaes(圣代) lately?----No, never. 5.My father_____just____(come) back from work. He is tired now. 6.----Where‟s Li Ming?---He_______(go) to the teacher ‟s office. 7.So far I _____( make) a large number of friends here. 8.The young man_____(write) three plays up to now.All of therm are very popular. He_____(write) the first one in 2001. II Fill in the blanks. A f______ engineer has traveled a g_____ n______ of countries. He has v______ three p________ m______ in Australia so far. He told me in a f______ way that he was finding this t_____ e______ .During this trip , he has s____ some p____ to his friends in America. Then he made a d______ to go to Alice Springs which is in the ______ of Australia. In the e_____, he r______ many cards frome his friends. III . Translation. 1. 到现在为止,Tom 已经从你那收到 11 封私人信件了。

________________________________________________________________ 2. 最近你都去了哪里?我最近在刚刚参观了六个历史博物馆。

_________________________________________________________________ 3. 至今他已经旅游了 50 多个国家了,他发现这些旅行都让人兴奋。

每日一句: The power is running low.快要没电了,电快用完了。

It’s running out of power.电已经用完了。

茶壶里的水快喝完了, “The water is running low.”或是“We are running out of water.”

Lesson 5 I .Fill in the blanks with the suitable form of the given words. 1.In this way, he_____(carry) a great many spare parts for his father up till now. 2.She ______(open) the mailbox the night before last. 3.I_____(make) a request to dad for a violin 2days ago. 4.I have no time________(spare). 5.I_________(not request) my sister to send Jill an urgent letter yet. II . Translation. 1. 昨天我从飞到福州全程花了 3 个半小时。

_______________________________________________________________________ 2. 妈妈已经在国外住了 6 年了,前天她花了 3 个小时给我写信。

________________________________________________________________________3. 顺便说一下,去年接待过我的那个男服务员已经开始他自己的私人业务。

________________________________________________________________________ 4. 从纽约到东京有很长的一段距离,我决定先到加拿大旅游。

________________________________________________________________________ III Cloze Mr. Parker was living in the country, and wanted to go to the office in the city one day. He found the ___1___on a letter, and got into his car, and 2 to the city. He got to the office without any trouble and 3 his car in front of the door. He locked his 4 and started to go into the office, but then he 5 around and back to his car, “I‟ve 6 my keys in it!” he said to himself. He telephoned his wife and said,“ 7 me, but I‟ve locked my keys in my car. Please 8 me your keys.” Mrs. Parker got ino the second car and drove twenty miles to 9 her husband.But while he was waiting for her, he walked around his car and 10 the other door. It was not locked! He locked it quickly before his wife arrived. 1.( ) A.office B.way C.address D.phone number 2.( ) A.rode B.drove C.ran D.walked 3.( ) A.stopped B.kept C.remained D.carr 4.( ) A.keys B.car C.door D.bag 5.( ) A.looked B.walked C.turned D.ran 6.( ) A.forgotten B.lost C.kept D.locked 7.( ) A.Bring B.Excuse C.Help D.Come on 8.( ) A.take B.fetch C.bring D.post 9.( ) A.save B.supply C.send D.help 10.( ) A.broke B.opened C.locked D.tr 谚语 Faith will move mountains. 精诚所至, 金石为开。

Lesson 6 I Fill in the blanks with suitable definite and indefinite articles.(a、an、the、/) 1.He rarely goes to swim in ______Summer. 2.My brother gave me ______gift yesterday, in return for this,I make up my mind to buy ___toy for him. 3.In ______evenig, I watch TV frequently. And I always have_____ dinner at that time. 4.Where is Jack?-----I think he is still in ______bed, but he might just be in _____bathroom. 5.Many people like chatting in ______publid places. 6.Tom, my neighbor, is______English. Sam who likes standing on his head is ____American. 7.Lily and Alice are in ______same class. 8.Tony never plays_____violin. But he likes playing_____football. 9.______sun is much bigger than the earth, 10. The ship is sailing on ______Pacific Ocean. II .Convert the sentences. 1. They go to the Museum of Arts once a month.(划线提问) _______________________________________________________________________ 2. They covered the distance from Shanghai to Beijing in 2 hours by plane.(划线提问) ______________________________________________________________________ 3. The friendly man sent a great many postcards to his friends. He spent 3 days.(合并成一句 话) _______________________________________________________________________ III. Reading. One day a tiger caught a fox in the forest. Before the tiger could eat him up, the fox cr out. “You can‟t make a meal of me. Don‟t you know I am king of the forest? If you eat me up, all the other animals of the forest will be very angry with you. “The tiger did not believe him. “How can such a small animal be king o f the forest? ” he asked himself.“If you don‟t believe me, ”the fox said, “then take a walk with me in the forest. You can see whether or not the animals are afraid of me.” The tiger agreed to do so and they set off together. The fox walked in front and the tiger followed behind. When the other animals saw the tiger coming , they ran off as fast as they could.This was what the fox expected.“See for yourself,Mr.Tiger,”the fox called out quickly.“All the other animals are afraid me.”“Yes,yes.”The tiger said,“You are quite right. You are really kind of the forest.”He then let the fox go. 1. Where did the tiger catch the fox? A. In the field B. In the forest C. On a tree D. On the mountain 2. What did the fox say when the tiger caught him? A. A small animal was the king of the forest B. He was the king of forest C. The elephant was the king of the forest

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